P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube – In Vitro Exposure System for Airborne Substances

Airborne substances constantly surround us in our daily life: during leisure time, at the workplace, out in nature, and also at home. Our contact with these substances occurs primarily via the skin and the airways. With up to 2 m² (skin) and up to 100 m² (lung), these organs provide huge surfaces where such contact can take place.

If contact is unwanted, the reason why is often that a toxicological effect is expected. This can hold true for substances in the ambient air (exhaust gas, pollen, cigarette smoke …), at workplaces (printer emissions, welding fumes, manufacturing processes …), but also in private homes (emissions from carpets or furniture, painting and grinding during home renovation etc.).

Until recently, tests for this purpose had to be performed above all in experimental animals. P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube as an exposure system now provides a meaningful, alternative in-vitro test method based on cell cultures for toxicological testing of airborne substances from a large variety of sources.

P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube offers unique features and a patented technology:

Compatibility with commercial cell culture membranes and multi-well plate inserts

  • supports culture inserts from Falcon, Costar and currently 12-well format
  • direct transfer of well plate from incubator into P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube

Prevention of exposure artifacts from unwanted side reactions

  • complete separation of culture medium and exposure atmospheres.
  • no false-positive results due to secondary exposures

Efficient, uniform, and gentle exposure thanks to CFD (computational fluid dynamics)-optimized geometry of flow paths

  • better understanding of the procedure
  • optimized exposure efficiency while preserving cellular viability

Novel design concept opening up unrivaled experimental possibilities

  • multi-well-based design
  • consistently modular concept of the overall system supporting e.g. physical preprocessing of the airborne test substance and assignment of individual cultures to particular exposure groups.

High particulate deposition efficiency without cell-damaging effect

  • increased deposition efficiency of very small particles through thermophoresis
  • no requirement for physical preprocessing of the airborne test substance, e.g. electrostatic charging

On-line observation of cell cultures during the exposure by live-cell imaging

  • innovative design enables observation of the exposed cell cultures during the exposure using fluorescence-based live-cell staining.
  • completely new generation of experimental designs in in-vitro testing of airborne substances through direct use and read-out of reporter gene-transfected cells
  • new possibilities in kinetic analyses, direct read-out of cell toxicity without posterior incubation

Reliable and low maintenance

  • two components P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube and P.R.I.T.® ControlUnit provide the complete technical functionality
  • reliable operation, easy-to-use (simple set-up), involving low maintenance
  • easy to transport and ready for exposure tests right after insertion of a multi-well plate with cells.

P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube - technology made by Fraunhofer!

P.R.I.T.® ExpoCube is developed by :

Both Fraunhofer Institutes offer expertise and services for any issue in the context of airborne substance testing by means of alternative in-vitro methods.

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